Discover the boat suitable for ocean fishing and diving

Robust hull to face the rough sea is an ideal feature for navigation and fishing on the deep seas. Check out the construction differentials, technology and finishing of the 42-foot model of the Fishing Raptor, fully developed for diving and ocean sport and recreational fishing.

Navigate smoothly across the Atlantic seas and enjoy the beauty of the Brazilian coast for a trip, fishing, or diving. This is the goal of those who enjoy nautical leisure and deep sea fishing. When choosing an appropriate vessel, Fishing Raptor, the main manufacturer of boats of its kind in the country, indicates as an option the new 42-foot model, which already revolutionizes the concept of “sportfisherman” vessels, aimed at people who fish for sport or recreation. It has high strength and performance to navigate long distances, as well as design solutions with regard to accommodation and living spaces to receive friends and family. It can carry up to 12 people in total comfort.

“Fishing boats are so strong that they can be compared to off-road vehicles at sea. This is because just like cars of this type travel on different roads, this boat is able to slide through the waters to places far from the coast and lacking support structures. These models have already become synonymous with vessels aimed at ocean fishing in Brazil and also abroad ”, emphasizes Fernando Assinato, director of the Fishing Raptor shipyard, which has its plant installed in Santa Catarina and representations in various parts of the country and in the International market.


Fishing 420 is a boat capable of crossing the sea even in unfavorable conditions due to the project developed by a renowned American engineer and the construction process. The hydrodynamics and angle of the hull, with a deep “V” radius, make it easier to cut waves in the open sea. The 4.70 meter width (width from one edge to the other) offers great stability.

The model was built to offer safety at sea, comfort in navigation, and meets the most rigorous international standards. It has reinforcements in terms of structure such as the massive bow, a unique feature of the category. It also uses solutions that offer better performance in resistance, impact absorption, lightness, and acoustic and thermal insulation.

The construction methodology also helps to optimize fuel consumption. The vessel has an autonomy of 11 hours of navigation, which contributes to longer departures and trips to maritime structures and fishing points far from the coast. It is able to reach high speeds and maintain a cruise around 32 knots with 2 ips 600 engines (435hp), in unfavorable sea conditions. Navigation technologies such as the IPS system (Inboard Performance System) and joystick control also assist in maneuvering.

The bridge offers a 360º view to the pilot, who, standing, can also have a wide view over the windshield. The cockpit is protected by hard top for greater comfort on days of intense sun or rain. If the customer prefers, the brand also offers the option to change the layout and include an additional command post on a second deck (tuna tower). Another option are UHF antennas with different sizes and ranges, GPS and sonar systems capable of assisting in reading the structures below the boat, the water temperature and the type of soil – characteristics widely observed for catching fish, especially in winter when the animals’ behavior changes.

The storage of accessories and items for fishing guarantees, in addition to space, more convenience to users who can, for example, customize the location and the number of rod support. The vessel also has a livewell, a nursery for live bait on the deck, and retractable sofas at the stern (rear) that can be retracted to increase circulation space during fishing.

On the deck below the cockpit there is a kitchen, sofa with table for meals, large bathroom, and double bed, as well as a bunk bed. In the Convertible version, with the main deck closed, the customer can still transform the table into a bed with electric drive. Finishes with specific materials for nautical in wet areas and furniture in naval plywood guarantee greater durability and resistance.