Check out tips on choosing a boat for those who enjoy water sports

For adventurers who like to sail long distances and practice water sports such as diving or ocean fishing, the choice of the appropriate boat makes all the difference, as it favors fun and comfort, in addition to ensuring safety at sea and performance. The Brazilian coastal coast, with more than seven thousand kilometers in length and beautiful natural landscapes, has increasingly attracted this audience.

“We realized that the number of people who enjoy playing water sports with their own boat has grown considerably in recent years. In terms of boats sales under the Fishing Raptor brand, in the first 3 months of 2020 we had an increase of around 20%, both by customers who want to exchange for a new model and by people who want to have the first boat ”, explains Fernando Assinato, director of Fishing Raptor, a world-renowned shipyard for boats developed for water sports and also for leisure.

“But the interest of consumers in increasingly larger boats is noticeable, as is the case of the Fishing 375 Solarium, one of the great successes of the brand, with almost 12 meters in length, which corresponds to 39 feet. It has capacity for up to 16 people a day and excellent performance. All Fishing models are designed with high quality for long-distance navigation and that is why, in addition to Brazil, they are so successful in several other countries”, highlights the executive.

“Because they are equipped with outboard engines, it is important to note that Fishing Raptor boats do not come with the platform, and this platform counts in the measurement of the length of traditional tour boats. That is, a 39-foot Fishing boat can be compared to a 42- to 44-foot boat. Another differential of the brand”, adds Assinato.

Check out some tips from the Fishing Raptor manufacturer when choosing a boat for water sports and adventures on the water.

Constructive quality

Design, materials used, and origin of the shipyard are important factors to be observed in a vessel for long sailing and sports. One of the outstanding characteristics of Fishing Raptor is that, according to the manufacturer, all its models are unsubmersible. Resistant hulls designed by North American engineers provide extremely high quality for long navigation and in various marine conditions.

Storage and circulation

The architectural design of the boat is also important for anyone thinking of sailing for many, many hours or venturing out into the waters. Choosing a model that facilitates circulation on board and that has adequate spaces for storing fishing, diving equipment or other belongings makes a big difference.

Rest and leisure

In boats with cabins for rest or overnight stay, it is important to evaluate the amplitude and lighting of these spaces and bathrooms. As an example, most Fishing Raptor models have a bathroom below the center console with a ceiling height that exceeds 1.80m, not to mention the spacious, modern and comfortable cabins. Living spaces such as kitchen, dining area and environments for rest and sun and sea bathing are other differentials to be observed. Thus, in addition to purchasing a boat suitable for sports, it can also be used for leisure and meetings with friends and family.


The set that includes constructive quality, materials used, hull design and motorization favor navigation performance. As an example, the Fishing 375 Solarium model can be equipped with up to 3 engines of 400 HP each. Allied to its differentiated manufacturing process, it can reach a maximum speed of 60 knots, that is, around 110 km/h. Great alternative for those who wish to return to the coast due to unfavorable weather conditions or for those who love doses of adrenaline. The cruising speed, on the other hand, is around 35 knots for a consumption of approximately 120 L/H, another differential since this consumption of a high-resistance vessel and for long navigations is compared to that of a traditional tour boat.


With a production unit in Santa Catarina, Fishing Raptor is the leading manufacturer of leisure and water sports boats in the country and of international renown. It has in its portfolio modern and comfortable models from 21 to 42 feet. Each vessel meets the most rigorous quality control to follow international maritime and safety standards.

Credits: Fishing Raptor/Disclosure